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Getting Compensation For Your Child After A School Bus Accident

No parent wants to hear that their child was involved in a school bus accident. Below are steps to get your child compensation after such an accident.

Get the Child Medical Care

Every accident victim should get prompt medical care. You may not be available at a school bus accident scene, but the available school officials, bystanders, and first responders will likely see to it that the child gets the first aid or emergency room (ER) treatment they require.

However, the initial treatment is not enough. You must get your child further specialized treatment after the ER stabilizes them. Depending on your child's injuries, you can see your family doctor, pediatrician, or specialist. Thorough treatment is necessary for several reasons.

First, further medical care can help diagnose hidden medical problems and provide long-term care to the child. Secondly, further treatment helps to generate the evidence you need to pursue your child's compensation. In addition, the treatment also fulfills the damage mitigation responsibility that the law expects from all accident victims.

Get Relevant Evidence

Secondly, gather the evidence you may need for the claim before the trail grows cold. Here are some steps to take:

  • Go to the accident scene and take pictures of the damage, marks, and debris from the accident
  • Track down potential witnesses, such as proprietors of nearby businesses, and request their testimony
  • Contact the police who responded to the crash and request a copy of the police report

The more evidence you gather, the stronger your claim is.

Identify the Liable Parties

Your child can only get compensation from those liable for the accident. Thus, the next step is to identify the liable parties. Below are those who might be liable for a school bus accident:

The Bus Driver

The driver might be liable if their actions caused the accident. For example, if they drove while drowsy and lost control of the bus.

The School District

The school district can be liable for the accident because of the driver's or its actions. For example, a school district that hires an unqualified driver is liable for the damages the driver might cause. A school district is also vicariously liable for its driver's negligence.

The School

If your child goes to a private school, you can directly sue the school for compensation if the school's negligence caused the accident. An example is a private school that does not maintain its bus fleet due to cost-cutting measures.

Contact a personal injury attorney service for more information. 

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