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Seriously Injured In A Rear-End Collision?

Did a speeding driver crash into your car while you were stopped at a streetlight? Rear-end collisions are not only frightening because they are unexpected, but they often result in injuries. If the collision left you and your loved ones seriously injured, filing an insurance claim might not be sufficient for the medical expenses and other effects of the incident. In fact, the other party's insurance provider might offer a low settlement with the intent of paying out less money than you deserve. It is in your best interest to hire a lawyer to communicate with the insurance company and take the case to trial if it is necessary. 

What if Someone Cannot Afford to Hire a Lawyer?

Do not worry about not being able to afford a lawyer, if that is the case. The reason is that lawyers who take personal injury cases involving collisions will typically take a case without large sums of money being paid upfront. To hire such a lawyer, be sure to inquire if they are willing to work on a contingency fee basis. By accepting a case on a contingency fee basis, a lawyer is agreeing to work on the case and get paid after a settlement has been obtained. If for any reason a lawyer is unable to win a settlement, no payment will be due.

Should Victims File Individual Lawsuits?

Your relation to the victims who were injured in the car is an important aspect of your case. For instance, if the victims are your children or people that you have guardianship over, they can be included in your case. If the victims are not related to you, they must file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit on their own. You can share the other party's insurance information with the other victims who were in your vehicle, as well as share the contact details of the lawyer you intend to hire for your case.

How Much Money Is Deserved When Filing a Claim?

A lawyer will want to know the extent of you and your loved ones' injuries, as well as whether your lives are expected to be changed forever. For example, if the victims are your children and you will not be able to provide for them because of your injuries, you deserve more money. If your children were injured to the extent of it interfering with their education, more money can be obtained as well. A lawyer will assist with obtaining evidence of the other party's liability, medical records, and many other aspects of the case to ensure you are properly compensated.

Contact a local vehicle accident attorney to learn more. 

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