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Hurt By A Product? How To Know If You Have A Case

You may be owed money damages if you were hurt by a product. The manufacturers of consumer products have a duty to ensure products are safe if used as directed. To be paid compensation, you must demonstrate that your claim has merit. For what a personal injury lawyer might use to evaluate your case, read on.

Meeting With a Lawyer

Gather your evidence and speak to a lawyer. They can let you know what else you need to show to prove your case. You must show that you have a good chance of winning a case. The lawyer may be using a contingency fee arrangement. That means they don't get paid unless you do. They will be looking at your evidence and how much money you could be owed to determine the value of your case.

Showing a Loss 

You must have a physical injury or other major losses from a faulty product. If you were injured because of a product, be sure you get medical treatment as soon as possible. Your medical bills can be paid by the product maker, but you may also be eligible for pain and suffering. The higher your medical bills, the more you could be owed for pain and suffering.

At the same time, evaluate the other ways you have been harmed. For example, if a pressure cooker exploded in your kitchen, you may be owed personal property damage for your ruined kitchen. Also, if you missed time from work because of the injury, you are owed lost wages.

Showing the Product Was Defective 

When you use a product correctly according to the directions, you may have a claim for damages if you or a loved one was hurt. Something about the product could have been defective. You may not have the technical expertise to show how the product was defective, however. In many cases, product experts are brought in to determine how a product was defective.

In some cases, the product was used as directed but a consumer was not properly warned about its use. For instance, a product might have lacked a warning about its use in children under a certain age. Be sure to check the product packaging and literature and observe all warnings.

Showing a Direct Connection Between the Product and Your Injuries 

One big reason to seek immediate medical attention is to avoid this issue. The other side could claim that your injury was caused by something else and not their problem. You and your lawyer must show that your damages were caused by the product.

To find out more about defective product claims, speak to a personal injury law firm like The Stubbs Law Group.

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