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Driving Under The Influence: 3 Things That Lead To Severe Punishment

It might take several weeks, months, or years to recover from the consequences of being charged for driving under the influence. However, the outcome of your lawsuit will depend on the grounds of your case. Certain factors in your case can make your offense more serious, putting you at risk of getting a harsh punishment. You need a DUI defense law attorney to fight for you in such a case. They will use the best defense strategies to petition the judge to reduce your charges. Some of the situations that attract hefty fines and long jail terms include the following: 

One of Your Passengers Was a Minor

The judge might hand you a maximum sentence if one of your passengers was a minor, even if you never injured anyone in the accident. So, in this case, you need to hire an attorney to negotiate for a lesser punishment. For instance, they can request the court to allow you to go through the substance abuse rehabilitation program. Then, they'll convince the judge that you have changed so that they can drop your charges. However, if this option is not available, your legal advisor will use other strategies to have your charges lowered or dropped. 

You've Faced Similar Charges Previously

Your sentence will be more severe if you've faced similar charges previously, especially recently. Usually, the punishment will depend on the number of times you've appeared in court for driving under the influence. Your punishment might include a mandatory jail sentence, a heavy fine, or a suspension of your driving license. Again, your attorney will come in handy in seeking a lenient judgment. 

There Were Casualties in the Accident

The prosecutor might prefer additional charges against you if there were casualties in the accident caused by your drunk driving. They will ask the judge to hand you a severe punishment for harming others. In this case, your lawyer must create a strong defense to help you get a lenient judgment. Their arguments might include a claim that you never intended to cause the accident.

Facing serious DUI charges does not mean that you have to undergo harsh punishment. You can successfully defend yourself and get a lesser charge regardless of the severity of your crime. However, it's best to hire a DUI attorney to defend you against the serious charges filed against you. They will use various strategies to convince the judge to hand you a lenient judgment.

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