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Guidelines To Seek Compensation When Injured On Another Person's Premises

Fall accidents are among the most common forms of personal injury cases. Generally, a property owner is responsible for ensuring that the surroundings they create for everyone using their premises are safe to walk on. Landlords should rectify construction mistakes immediately after they happen and also have cautionary signage for temporary hazards. Failure to meet these standards makes a person liable if another slips and gets injured on their property. Here are three tips and guidelines to help you handle these accidents.

What Is the Role of the Owner?

Firstly, consider the property owner's role in the entire process before filing the claim. For example, the owner of commercial space should constantly watch out for hazards like cracks and potholes in the parking lot. They should also shovel ice during the cold season because it is slippery. It is also important to install rubber-backed mats in sloppy storefronts to prevent slipping in the wet season. They should be aware of hazards, like unsecured electrical cords, leaking water, and oil spills. The claim will only be successful if you can prove they overlooked any of these hazards, and you got hurt because of it.

What Conditions Prove Liability?

The property owner should always keep their premises safe for the public. However, there are three conditions to meet for you to prove that they failed in their legal duty. First, you need to prove that there was a dangerous condition on the property which the owner knew about. You also need to show that the owner did not take the recommended measures to mitigate the problem, even though they had time to do it. Finally, you need to demonstrate a connection between the owner's negligence and your injury. This step is not easy to handle without an injury attorney.

What Will You Get Compensated For?

When you have suffered this accident, you may miss work for days or even months. Additionally, the injury might cause you physical pain that will stop you from being economically productive for months. Sometimes injuries also have a psychological element attached to them, like trauma and depression from the new situation. All these are damages you can get compensation for when you file the claim. A lawyer will walk you through the process. 

The process of seeking compensation for slip accidents is simple when dealing with a competent personal injury attorney. It is advisable to consult with one before filing a claim and get their guidance throughout the process for a quick and favorable settlement.

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