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Should You Hire A Legal Recruiter To Assist You With Your Job Hunt?

Perhaps you have recently passed the bar and want to get hired by a reputable law firm as soon as possible. Or maybe you are not satisfied with your current firm and would like to transition into greener pastures. Whatever the case, you should consider hiring a legal recruiter to help you meet your needs rather than try to fulfill them on your own.

Admittedly, legal recruiters are typically retained by law firms to find them the best possible candidates for the positions they are looking to fill, but this does not mean that they do not offer their expertise to legal professionals. If you are looking to practice law in a specific specialty, you are probably looking for jobs in a limited field along with a pool of other candidates, so you need to try your best to stand out. Hiring a legal recruiter to assist you with your job hunt can be helpful.

A legal recruiter can facilitate faster legal job placement

Job hunting in the current economy is not easy considering that there is a multitude of qualified legal professionals looking to fill the same limited positions that you are interested in. Hence, it is integral that you try to position yourself in the best way possible to be selected by your preferred firms.

A legal recruiter is familiar with how competitive this industry can be. Rather than spend innumerable hours on websites and sending countless applications, you should work with a legal recruiter who will know exactly what the legal firms are looking for. When you provide them with your work experience and credentials, they will automatically have an idea of which HR managers will consider you as a suitable candidate, which can help you get placed in your desired job faster than if you were applying on your own.

A legal recruiter will provide you with privacy

If you are dissatisfied with the firm you are currently working for and would like to resign, the last thing you want is for the partners to find out about your plans. Depending on the culture at your firm, your bosses can make life difficult for you while you are still under their employment. Not to mention that you could lose your job altogether before you have been recruited by another firm. With that in mind, confidentiality is vital for this process.

A legal recruiter is aware of how delicate this matter is, so they will go to great lengths to ensure that they maintain your privacy. For instance, instead of sending your resume on your own, the legal recruiter will be your liaison with the human resources department or hiring partner of the firms you are interested in. And if you get the job, official communication will be sent through the legal recruiter rather than through your work email.

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