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Involved In A Car Accident? 4 Ways Your Personal Injury Attorney Can Prove Fault

No one is ever prepared for a car accident, and when it happens, it can disrupt your life. It can cause pain, fear, inconvenience, and unexpected expenses. A car crash can also raise questions that you would never have asked yourself before, such as how do you prove the other party was at fault? If you have been involved in a serious collision and suffered injuries, you will need to prove that the other party was at fault to obtain fair compensation. Here are four ways your personal injury lawyer can prove fault.

1. Use the police report

In case of an accident, police officers are among the first responders to arrive at the scene. Once they come, they always make a report of the accident and what happened. Sometimes, the report will include the officer's opinion on who caused the accident, and it may even have a citation. Suppose the police report mentions the other party was driving carelessly or violated a traffic law. In that case, your personal injury lawyer will use the report to prove that the other driver is liable and their negligence caused your injuries. 

2. Prove your car accident is a clear-cut case

Proving fault in some car accidents can be straightforward. These are incidences where liability can be assumed by just looking at the scene, such as accidents involving left turns and rear-end collisions. Therefore, if another motorist hits you from behind, the law automatically assumes them to be at fault. Similarly, if your car accident is caused by a motorist making a left turn, they are considered to be at fault. Your personal injury lawyer will use this information to prove the other party was at fault and get you the maximum compensation possible. 

3. Show that the other driver violated traffic laws

Your injury attorney will prove that the other party is at fault if they have broken traffic laws. They will identify traffic laws that the other party may have violated, such as failure to yield and speeding, among others. However, because state and local traffic laws can sometimes vary, you will need a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to help you determine which traffic violations apply in your case. 

4. Evidence from the at-fault driver

Your personal injury attorney will also gather evidence to prove the other party was liable for the accident through depositions. This is an out-of-court testimony that is given under oath, and it can lead to substantial evidence that can further support your case.

Proving fault after a car accident can be a complex and confusing legal process. This is why you should have a personal injury lawyer in your corner to offer you sound legal advice and help maximize your compensation.

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