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The Benefits Of Pursuing A No-Fault Divorce

Going through a divorce is always rough. Things can be more severe, however, if you and your spouse intend to fight tooth and nail all the way through the proceedings. Increasingly, more and more couples are turning to the idea of no-fault divorce in order to get through the process with less emotional damage. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to contact a no-fault divorce lawyer today.

It's Better for the Kids

When you and your spouse both simply agree that you have irreconcilable differences and agree to split without blaming any one particular party, this could create a situation that will be much better for your children. When divorce gets ugly, kids can often get caught in the middle. Going the no-fault route will minimize the drama and potentially shield your kids from that ugly scenario.

It's Less Expensive

The longer divorce proceedings go on, the more money your traditional divorce lawyer is going to make, and the same is likely true for your spouse's lawyer as well. Legal fees and billing hours can add up quickly with a divorce case that drags on for weeks or months. When you work with a no-fault divorce lawyer, they will understand that the entire point is to move ahead quickly so that you can get this chapter of your life closed. No-fault divorce will save you and your spouse money in legal fees and will position both of you better financially as you start your new life without each other.

It Keeps the Past in the Past

If a divorce case includes allegations of adultery or other common divorce issues, this can sometimes lead to a back and forth where each party tries to air the couple's dirty laundry in public. Regardless of whether you feel you were wronged or not, going with a no-fault divorce is a great way to make it clear that both you and your spouse simply want to move on with your lives and don't see the need to litigate every aspect of your previous relationship into the public record. In other words, no-fault divorce isn't just the better emotional choice for the kids, it's also a great way to keep you and your spouse from becoming too emotional and going for each other's throats.

No-fault divorce seeks to limit the traditional conflict and bad blood that can sometimes arise during divorce proceedings. Reach out to a no-fault divorce lawyer in your area today for more information.

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