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Have A Private Investigator Dig Into Your Ex's New Partner In A Custody Dispute

When you and your ex-spouse share custody of your children, you might feel anxious when you learn that your ex's new partner will be moving in with him or her. While it's possible that you might just be overreacting or feeling jealous, you may also get a sense that this person might not be a good influence on your children. You can't go to a judge and ask for full custody just because you don't like your ex's new partner, but if you can show evidence that this person has some concerning elements, you may fare better in court. Hiring a private investigator to dig into the new partner can turn up many issues, including the following.

Criminal Record

You might suspect that the new partner has a criminal record, but you'll want to get proof before you proceed with any challenges to your custody arrangement. Someone's criminal record doesn't mean that he or she can't properly help to raise your children, but the nature of the criminal record is what you'll be interested in. For example, if the new partner has been convicted of such concerning acts as child abuse, child endangerment, or something similar, you'll understandably feel resistant about this person being around your children. The private investigator will dig into the presence of a criminal record to help you in this regard.

Behavior Issues

You might also be worried about the behaviors in which the new partner takes part and want proof that this person shouldn't be around your children. A private investigator is the perfect choice for helping you to gather this information, thanks to the investigator's ability to conduct physical and online surveillance. For example, the investigator could obtain access to the new partner's social media accounts to see if he or she is speaking poorly about your children. Or, the investigator may be able to watch the person to see where he or she goes. For example, if the new partner is frequently visiting drug houses and strip clubs, you might have reason to be concerned about the influence that this person could have on your children.

Relationship Dynamic

Even if you aren't overly concerned about your ex, you might have some curiosities about the state of his or her relationship with the new partner. You may understand that when children are exposed to an unhealthy relationship between those who are raising them — perhaps one that involves verbal or psychological abuse — it can impact them negatively. Using a variety of surveillance techniques, the private investigator can learn about the relationship between your ex and the new partner. If the investigator turns up concerning issues in any of these areas, you can present them to your family attorney and pursue full custody of your children.

For more information, reach out to private investigation services in your area.

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