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Were You Denied Disability For PTSD After A Parent Passed Away? You Need Legal Help

Few people want to claim disability falsely and only seek disability if they have no other choice. Unfortunately, you may feel the need to temporarily receive some help from Social Security after losing a parent and suffering from PTSD. However, the court can deny your claim and leave you in a tough spot. Thankfully, you can fight for the money that you deserve.

PTSD After The Death Of A Parent Is Possible

No matter how old you are in life, the death of a parent is always going to be a traumatic scenario. After all, your parents are the people who raised you and helped you to become the person you are today. If you were very close to your parent, there is a good chance that you might actually experience post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD after their death.

If you experience this problem, you may find it hard to get to work and to manage your life. Even worse, you might end up experiencing serious flashbacks to their death and crippling anxiety and depression. Getting on Social Security temporarily for your PTSD can help you get through a tough time. However, you might get denied by a court that is trying to avoid false claims. In this situation, you likely have a legal fight on your hands.

Proving You Have PTSD May Be Necessary

After you are denied, you have a window for appealing the denial. You are going to have to talk to a Social Security and disability lawyer about this situation to ensure that you can prove that you have PTSD. You need to go through a screening that will ask you very difficult questions and assess whether or not your trauma was severe enough to be disabling.

For example, you will typically have to have enough stress and anxiety after your parent passed that you struggle to wake up every day. Suicidal thoughts, anger, aggression, moments of extreme sadness, and flashbacks to their death all signal severe PTSD. If you simply cannot operate after the death of a parent, temporary disability can help you get the treatment you need to regain a healthy life.

However, you are going to have to fight for it if the court keeps trying to claim that you don't have PTSD or that it isn't severe enough. Working with a Social Security disability attorney improves your chances of winning this type of claim and getting treatment for your PTSD in a caring facility that diagnoses your disorder in a healing and beneficial way.

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