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3 Things You Should Do When You Are Involved In A Custody Dispute

When you are involved in a custody dispute, you and your partner still have to parent your child. You still need to work together. Working together will show that you are putting the best interests of your child first and can help your case in court. Working together will also benefit your child.

Share Health & Educational Information

Make sure that you continue to share information about your child with the other parent. Be sure to let them know on a regular basis how your child together is doing in school. It is vitally important that you keep an open line of communication regarding your child's health and education, two issues that the courts agree that parents should share and work on together.

You may want to set up a system for sharing information. Perhaps you text the other parent each day, or maybe you have a call once a week to catch up. Make sure that you don't hide any important educational information or health information from the other parent. This will not look good to the courts.

Communicate About Extracurricular Activities

Do not cut the other parent out of extracurricular activities either. Let them know when your child has practice, events, and shows. Make sure that you don't tell them at the last minute; share schedules and information as soon as you know about them. This gives the other parent the opportunity to arrange their schedule to support your child. If they don't show up for your child, that is on them, it is not on you.

Let Them Know About Travel

If you are going to travel somewhere with your child, make sure that you let them know the other parent know. You are going to want to let them know when you leave town, even if you are not leaving the state. You are going to want to make sure that the other parent knows where your child is together at all times. This is important, especially when you are in a custody battle. Give the other parent as much information as possible about where you are going, where you are staying and how long you will be gone. You don't want to be accused of kidnapping your own child.

When you are in a custody battle, it is still important to show that you are responsible for your child and that you are willing to work with their parent. Be the bigger party and prioritize communication with the other parent in your child's life. For more information, contact a business such as Kleveland Law.

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