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3 Criminal Justice Careers Requiring Little Education

If you are interested in a career in the criminal justice field, but you think lawyer, officer or judge is the only option, think again. There are many jobs in the criminal justice field that will make you feel rewarded, pay well and require little education. Check out these top three careers you should consider.

Transportation Security Screener

Working as a Transportation Security Screener (TSA Screener) means you're the ones at the airport, helping people through the security check. While many people may only seem them as a hassle at the airport, TSA agents provide an important and rewarding job: to protect private Americans while flying. You'll also need to be able to provide customer service to travelers. TSA agents make an average hourly wage of $19.31 or $40,160 annually. Yet, they require little education, making it a quick path for a great-paying job.

Court Reporter

A court reporter is another career that puts you right in the middle of the action. As a court reporter, you are there in the court room, during trials to report everything that is said. They also transcript at other legal proceedings, such as depositions. While you won't need an advanced degree to become a court reporter, you may need to obtain a certificate or license, depending on your state laws, but this is just to ensure you have the essential skills. The median pay for court reporters is about $50,000 annually.


A paralegal typically works closely with a lawyer to help research and build cases. With this type of job, you'll get the rewarding feeling of helping the firm's clients, whether you are defending them or fighting to get them a settlement they deserve. Paralegals do typically need an associate's degree, but in some cases, a certificate in paralegal studies is enough. If you choose to become a paralegal, expect to make about $49,500 annually. A higher degree may increase your chance of getting a position, but it isn't usually necessary.

You don't have to go to school for years just to get a law degree or risk your life every day as a police officer to make a difference in the criminal justice field. These three jobs are only a fraction of the many ways you can help. If you would like more information about careers in justice that require little education, contact a local school in your area today to schedule a consultation. 

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