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Medical Mainstay: Safely Outsourcing Services For A Mobile Clinic

Mobile clinics that service a variety of communities can help to reach individuals who need medical care but have difficulties getting to hospitals or clinics in person. If your town has a high population of elderly individuals or those who are poor and cannot afford transportation, mobile clinics may be the only way that they can receive the medical help and treatment that they have. For towns that have limited speciality services, such as mammograms, having a mobile clinic that can perform these actions can serve a considerable amount of patients. Here are some things that mobile medical services can outsource to make it easier to service the community at large

Independent medical schedulers

If you are running a mobile clinic, your efforts need to be concentrated on making sure you can provide the best care possible. For this reason, you should outsource your scheduling. Have independent medical schedulers, like those found at IMEI PC, take and create and appointment schedule for each neighborhood or town that you will be going to. From the medical schedulers, you can receive the necessary intake paperwork and schedule for the week and day. This will allow you to hit the ground running as soon as you pull the clinic into the new town. 

Medical billing 

Submitting information for payment will be the bread and butter of your business. You need to be sure that you use a medical biller and coder who has the appropriate experience in order to document and bill all of your clients, insurance companies, and programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Electronically submit all necessary documentation to medical billers, so that they can work with the insurance companies. Any legal issues related to billing can be taken care of by an appropriately trained and licensed medical billing company. 

Medical record storage

If your mobile clinic operates in the same areas around the year, you will need to have proper access to patients' medical records. Outsourcing the medical records to a medical record storage company can make it easier to find and access complete information about patients. Your mobile clinic may not have the appropriate space and abilities to store medical records and abide by HIPPA laws to make sure that they are legally safe. Be sure to select a company that operates based on federal laws and state laws so that you are legally clear and your patients have nothing to worry about. Using storage elsewhere can reduce any overhead costs that you may have been incurring so that you can reinvest this cash back into your medical business, facilities, and medical offerings. 

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