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Protecting Your Mosque And Worship Rights: How Hiring An Islamic Attorney Ensures Your Continued Worship

As a Muslim, you are guaranteed freedom of religion under the United States Constitution. However, practice of your faith and beliefs post-9/11 may have been (and may still be) under attack by small groups of people who do not understand that not all Muslims are extremists, nor do they understand that their own actions against you are illegal and unconstitutional. In the event that your mosque or your rights to worship as you choose are physically attacked or targeted, you will need the help of a trusted attorney. This is why an Islamic attorney may be the best possible choice for you.

An Islamic Attorney Knows Your Faith and Can Defend It

If you sue your aggressors and/or trespassers for physical aggression against your mosque and your faith, you want a lawyer who can represent you with a modicum of understanding regarding the tenets of Islam. Such a lawyer can present to the court that you are just practicing the teachings of the faith, and being interrupted during prayer hours or holy days by acts of violence is akin to terrorism itself. Your lawyer can present the facts in the case, that your mosque and your beliefs are wrongly stereotyped by the aggressors, and that what you practice is quite different from what your attackers think or believe.

Arguing Against the Illegal Acts of Religious Brutality

Other members of other religions are not allowed to attack each other here in the U.S. (e.g., no acts of aggression and violence between Catholics and Protestants), so no acts of violence and aggression should be permitted against you or your mosque either. Religious profiling or stereotyping is what leads to violence, and it is illegal. Even if the aggressors' acts of violence are not motivated by their personal feelings and beliefs about Islam and Muslims, the acts of violence are still illegal. Determing if the acts are motivated by sentiments of religious persecution and intolerance only increases the level of punishment the attackers or intruders face, something which your lawyer will have to prove with pictures of your defaced or damaged mosque and/or recordings.

Ensuring That You and Other Muslims Are Protected

Although you and your faith are already protected by the Constitution, sometimes further legal measures are necessary for your protection. Your Islamic attorney can argue that the judge not only needs to punish those who damaged Islamic holy ground and property, but he or she also needs to send a message to the community with his or her ruling that your faith has just as much right to be practiced as a Christian's, Jewish person's, and/or a Buddhist's. A lawyer who is also able to handle this matter with enough sensitivity to how many Americans still feel about Muslim extremists will only help your case, too, because your lawyer can be accusatory without prejudicial or negative actions and emotions.

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