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5 Ways DWI Lawyers Can Help

Want to know more about how a specific kind of DUI/DWI criminal defense lawyer can help someone who's facing DWI-related charges? Read on to understand some of the biggest reasons why someone accused of DWI will hire professional legal representation.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that there's nothing they can do after a DWI stop. They figure if the police have evidence of an illegal blood-alcohol level, there's no point fighting the case. But that's not really the whole story. Here are some specific ways that lawyers assist their clients all the way through the legal process.

Temporary Measures

Having a DWI lawyer on hand at the time of the arrest can mean the difference between harrowing nights in prison, and being released to await a trial or hearing. Qualified lawyers who get in on the ground early can help with setting bail and other procedural aspects that will help their clients attain their freedom while they wait for the courts to decide their fate.

Going By the Book

The use of a legal or illegal blood alcohol level is not the only factor in a DWI case. In many cases, DWI defense lawyers will work on the basis of whether police did their jobs according to the law as well. There are various situations where improper police behavior can compromise the state's DUI/DWI case, and lawyers will look into these on a case-by-case basis on behalf of their client.

Pursuing Lenience

Some DWI lawyers also work on the basis of pursuing lenience from state courts. This may involve getting clients more access to alternative transportation, freeing them from improper restrictions on their liberty, or making sure that they are not singled out for enforcement.


As the case proceeds towards resolution, a defendant might get a jail sentence or probation. Many of these sentences include license suspension. Defendants have to figure out how long it will be before they are allowed to drive legally again. DWI defense lawyers can also make a difference in these issues.

Later on, after the sentence has run its course and everything has been complied with, those convicted of DWI will eventually get their regular driving rights back. In some cases, they may want to get their records expunged in order to deal with some of the aftereffects of a DWI conviction. Lawyers can also come in handy in this situation, as they appeal to courts on behalf of the defendant to get these sorts of results.

These are some of the ways that DUI/DWI lawyers, like Carl L. Britt, Jr., get involved in a DWI case to help make sure their clients' voices are heard in court, and to help the defendant access his or her rights under the law.

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