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5 Reasons To Hire An Employment Attorney

Dealing with work-related issues can cause anxiety. Being able to make a living and pay your bills will depend on your employer, but being faced with problems at work may require legal expertise. Knowing the reasons to retain an employment lawyer may help you if you're faced with this dilemma.

Reason #1: Sexual harassment

Being the victim of inappropriate sexual comments can be upsetting. If these are occurring on a regular basis, you may want to consult with an attorney.

Listed below are types of sexual harassment that shouldn't be ignored:

  1. Receiving emails with sexually explicit content.
  2. Being touched inappropriately while you're at work.
  3. Being the recipient of inappropriate, unwanted verbal remarks.
  4. Receiving sexual messages on your voicemail.

Reason #2: Termination

Losing your job can be a difficult thing to handle. This is especially true if there wasn't a legitimate reason provided as to why you were fired.

Your employer should have a reason for letting you go, such as missing work consecutively or not completing your job as required.

Reason #3: Breach of contract

If you signed a contract with your employer before being hired, and this is broken, you can take legal action. This may include getting a pay decrease unexpectedly or a number of other problems that may erupt because the employer didn't fulfill the contractual obligations.

Reason #4: Discrimination

Being passed over for a raise can sure be a blow to the ego. This is especially true if the cause is unjustified and is due to your race or religious preferences. If you have been discriminated against while on the job, you should work to defend yourself with the assistance of an attorney.

Reason #5:  Worker's Compensation

Dealing with an injury at work can cause you to lose a lot of money. Being unable to work and facing medical bills because of your injury may affect you financially.

Your employer is responsible for paying for your financial losses if you have met all of the necessary requirements. If you feel you have been denied worker's compensation unfairly, you should talk to a lawyer about your situation and work to be duly compensated for your losses.

Finally, taking the time to learn of your legal rights when it comes to dealing with issues at work is important for your financial success. Be sure to retain an employment lawyer like Michael Terrence Conway & Co that is legally equipped to advise you on what to do in each individual situation.

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