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How To Prevent A Juvenile Record From Hindering Your Child's Future

Childhood is a time for learning and growing. In some cases, these lessons turn into something that can both positively and negatively influence lives well in the future. While you may be focused on coming up with an appropriate punishment for your child, now is a good time to learn everything you can about the law, juvenile lawyers and how juvenile records can be accessed after you child turns 18.

Education and Career Prospects

If your child faces criminal charges, you will both need to reevaluate immediate plans for the future. Pending juvenile criminal charges and records can influence the opinions of college recruiters and admissions officers, and completely outweigh your child's previous accomplishments. Also consider that criminal driving charges can lead to the loss of your child's driver's license, complicating plans for higher education even further. Consult with a juvenile lawyer to see if there are any options available that would clear your child's record and help to secure his or her bright future.

There are also juvenile charges that are so serious that they can impact your child's professional career. Some juvenile convictions can require jail sentences that last well into adulthood, and as a result, lead to adult criminal records. Whether you believe your child to be innocent of the charges or not, it is not your opinion that will shape the outcome. Expert attorneys in the area of juvenile law have information on rehabilitation programs designed to prevent adolescents from re-offending while still allowing them to grow into adulthood relatively unscathed.

Juvenile Record Expungement

Juvenile records are sealed once the accused turns 18, but there are a number of ways that these records can be accessed years down the line. Employers are commonly using advanced background checks to peek into the lives of applicants. From social media profiles to calling old neighbors, you might be surprised to learn that companies are becoming more concerned about reputation than they were in the past. If your child has been charged with a crime that includes violent acts, sex offenses, theft, drugs, or alcohol, there is a chance that future employers will find out.

Working with a juvenile lawyer to have your child's record expunged as soon as possible can help your child to create a solid future path. The process required for expunging juvenile records can be daunting, both for parents and young adults. A juvenile lawyer will be able to tell you if expungement is the best option in your case.

One mistake can have a big effect, even for kids. Instead of having your child's juvenile record follow him or her around like a shadow, you should see if corrective measures are appropriate. Hard lessons learned early on in life can to make for a better tomorrow. For more information, contact Kassel & Kassel A Group of Independent Law Offices or a similar firm.

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