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Reasons Why You Might Want To Challenge A Will

When your loved one passes away, this is the moment when you might discover that there is something wrong with the will and any errors in the will might affect your inheritance. Something might be in your will that is unexpected, such as someone being mysteriously written into the will, but you have the right to challenge something like this in court and anything else that seems suspicious. Complications Within the Family Read More 

Do You Really Need To Hire An Estate Planning Attorney?

While not everyone needs as estate planning attorney, you do not have to have an extraordinarily high net worth to need their services. These are a few reasons why it is important to consider an estate planning attorney as you work out how to divide assets between family members, charitable organizations, and other entities once you are no longer here to direct those funds. Avoid High Estate Taxes While this only applies to a small group of individuals, as of 2020, federal estate taxes are only owed when the combined assets of the estate exceed $11,580,000. Read More 

Understanding The Concept Of Loco Parentis In Home Life

One of the grayer areas of family law is the concept of a person standing in loco parentis. Although it sounds like something a teenager made up to question their parents' judgment, loco parentis is a legal doctrine. The court may recognize situations where a non-biological parent might stand as the functional parent for a minor. Here are three things you ought to know about the family law idea of loco parentis. Read More 

Top Reasons You Should Hire A Civil Litigation Lawyer For Your Case

If you are having a dispute with someone over property or money, it's possible that the situation will end up in court. A lawsuit isn't always something you want to pursue, but if your rights have been violated in some way, the best course of action you have is to file a lawsuit. Civil litigation actually covers a wide range of cases that are not considered criminal cases. This means that neither of you is charged with a crime, and the case is simply to decide a fair and equitable outcome. Read More 

How Much Of A Fight Can Your Ex Put Up In A Divorce?

Understandably, an ex may not be thrilled about the prospect of going through the divorce process. People have a slew of reasons for wanting to get in a fight, including everything from still feeling like they in love to insisting the other person won't see a penny of community property. You'd be wise in such a situation to retain divorce law services from a professional. Still, you'll likely want to know just how much of a fight the other person is allowed to put up. Read More 

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