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Why You Need Professional Legal Help For Your Divorce Case

Whether you believe that your divorce will be a quick one or you are already preparing for it to be a long, drawn-out process, you will want to consider paying for professional divorce law services. Before you settle on trying to represent yourself in this type of case, you will want to take a few moments to review the following information: You Want To Keep Your Share Of The Marital Properties Read More 

Have A Private Investigator Dig Into Your Ex’s New Partner In A Custody Dispute

When you and your ex-spouse share custody of your children, you might feel anxious when you learn that your ex's new partner will be moving in with him or her. While it's possible that you might just be overreacting or feeling jealous, you may also get a sense that this person might not be a good influence on your children. You can't go to a judge and ask for full custody just because you don't like your ex's new partner, but if you can show evidence that this person has some concerning elements, you may fare better in court. Read More 

The Four Steps Of Workers’ Compensation

When workers are hurt on the job, workers' compensation insurance is the solution they need. This form of coverage pays the injured worker a partial salary and all of the related medical bills. In most cases, workers spend a few days away from work and are back to their previous positions in no time at all. Unfortunately, some workers have more serious injuries. When a workplace injury fails to get better and the worker cannot go back to work, a four-step process begins. Read More 

Were You Denied Disability For PTSD After A Parent Passed Away? You Need Legal Help

Few people want to claim disability falsely and only seek disability if they have no other choice. Unfortunately, you may feel the need to temporarily receive some help from Social Security after losing a parent and suffering from PTSD. However, the court can deny your claim and leave you in a tough spot. Thankfully, you can fight for the money that you deserve. PTSD After The Death Of A Parent Is Possible Read More 

Why You Should Avoid Probate, And How To Do It

If you are considering estate planning for your assets and mentioned it to a few people, then you have probably been advised to avoid probate. Well, first you need to understand what probate it -- it is simply the process of distributing your assets to your heirs and settling your debts post your demise. Why You Should Avoid Probate         It Takes a Lot of Time You need to avoid probate if you want your heirs to take charge of your property as soon as possible after your death. Read More 

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