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3 Ways To Protect Your Estate When You Live With An Unmarried Partner

If you live with your partner, but are not married to them, it is vitally important that you have a will drawn up in order to protect your estate and your partner. Here three ways to protect your estate when you live with an unmarried partner. #1 Check Your Property Titles The first thing that you want to do is check the titles to your property. If only your name is listed on the title to your property, it would not go directly to your partner if you pass away. Read More 

3 Potential Signs Of Age Discrimination

Finding and retaining work is difficult for any job seeker in today's market, but it can be especially difficult for aging employees. It's unfortunate, but some employers engage in age discrimination. Since age discrimination is against the law, you should be vigilant when it comes to recognizing signs of potential discrimination in your workplace. Here are three signs to watch for that could indicate you have been a victim of age discrimination. Read More 

Stupid Things You Shouldn’t Do If You Expect Your DUI Attorney To Defend You

It is surprising to hear that many people do not show up to their DUI court hearings with a lawyer. If you do get a lawyer, do not do some of the stupid things others have done when facing a DUI charge. Here are some examples of the less-than-intelligent things others have done and why you should avoid them. DO NOT Show Up to Court Buzzed, Drunk or Falling Over Drunk Read More 

4 Things That Can Cause Your Workers Compensation Claim To Be Denied

When you sustain an injury on the job, you may need medical care and wages may be lost if you miss several days of work. Luckily, workers compensation insurance is designed to protect you in this type of situation. But qualifying for workers compensation is not automatic and there are several things that can cause your workers comp claim to be denied. Not Reporting the Injury If you're hurt at work, it is important to establish that the injury occurred while you were on the clock. Read More 

Dealing With A Terminal Illness? Proactive Ideas To Help Your Family Through This Difficult Time

Dealing with a terminal illness is never easy, but many people who receive a terminal diagnosis also find themselves worrying about how their loved ones will manage without them. This is especially true in instances where the person receiving the terminal diagnosis is the income producer with a dependent spouse or partner and minor children to care for. If you are dealing with a terminal illness and want to be proactive about making the situation less stressful for the family that will be left behind, the following ideas may be helpful. Read More 

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