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Getting injured through no fault of your own because someone else was liable can be really frustrating. You can end up in a lot of pain and with a lot of medical bills. You may think that you have no recourse, but you won't know until you do something about it. The thing you need to do about is to talk to a personal injury attorney. You don't know what you may be entitled to without speaking to an expert under the law. You might be wondering what a personal injury attorney can do for you. 

Case Identification

One thing they can do is to identify whether or not you have a case. You can go into an initial consult with a personal injury attorney, generally a short, free appointment. During that initial consultation, you'll need to lay out your case for the personal injury attorney. They may ask you a few questions to get better clarification about something. When you are done with your information and answering the attorney's questions, they can tell you what they think about your case and if there is a chance to win. Since these attorneys usually work on a contingency fee, they only get paid if they win, so they will be sure that you have a good case before they take it. 


The attorney can also go ahead and enter into negotiations for you. They will try to negotiate a settlement between you and the other side before the case has to go to court. There are several reasons why your attorney will try to negotiate before going to court. One is that no one is ever sure what a jury or judge will do. Even if you have a good case, the judge and jury may think that you don't, or they may give you a smaller settlement than you want. Another is that getting payment before having to go to court can save everyone a lot of time and money. Going to court can take a lot of time. A settlement can get the whole matter over quicker, making everything easier. 

You may have a good personal injury case if you have been injured because of someone else's negligence. You can't know until you talk to a personal injury attorney. Talk to one of these lawyers to find out how they can help you win your case. 

Contact a local law firm, such as Peterson & Peterson LLC, to learn more. 

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