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What Can You Expect From A DUI Attorney?

A DUI arrest can be one of the most terrifying and life-changing events you will ever experience, especially if you have no prior criminal record or prior experience with the court system. It can mess up your way of life, so you must hire an experienced DUI attorney who knows how to fight for your rights. A legal professional is your best bet while dealing with the legal system—here's what you can expect from a DUI attorney.

1. Deep Knowledge and Contacts in the Local Court System

Seeking counsel as soon as possible is important when arrested on a DUI charge. A good attorney will have deep knowledge of your local court system and relationships with judges and prosecutors. This means they'll be able to navigate the court system more efficiently. 

2. Realistic Advice About Your Case and Rights

A good DUI attorney will give you realistic advice about your case and rights. They won't promise to get you out of everything because that's not how it works. A good DUI lawyer will be upfront about what they believe is achievable for your case, but only after investigating your situation thoroughly and considering every option.

3. Hard Negotiations With the Prosecutor

Your DUI attorney should be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to get a better deal for you. For example, if they can get your charge reduced or even dismissed completely, they will do their best to reach an agreement that suits both parties involved. 

4. Staying on Top of Your Legal Filing Deadlines

Different filing deadlines have to be met throughout your case. You will have to submit or serve certain documents at specific times throughout your case, often within specific timeframes. 

Your lawyer should keep track of these deadlines and remind you when they approach so that nothing slips through the cracks. If they cannot do so, it may be time to find new counsel.

5. Trying Hard To Expunge Your Conviction

A successful expungement results in a judge's order to remove all records of your arrest and conviction; it's as if you were never arrested or convicted. Consult a DUI lawyer if this record is a hurdle in your career. 

A DUI charge can disrupt your life in different ways, and when it happens, it helps to have an experienced legal hand to get you out of trouble. Call a DUI attorney the soonest you can when you have DUI charges against you. 

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