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Reasons Why You Might Want To Challenge A Will

When your loved one passes away, this is the moment when you might discover that there is something wrong with the will and any errors in the will might affect your inheritance. Something might be in your will that is unexpected, such as someone being mysteriously written into the will, but you have the right to challenge something like this in court and anything else that seems suspicious.

Complications Within the Family

Often, there are complications that occur within the family after the will has been written. For example, there might be a child of a deceased friend who is taken care of by the family and eventually adopted. You may wonder if the adopted child would be entitled to a portion of the inheritance. Grandchildren who divorce and remarry can create complications for their inheritance.

The Creation of the Will Might Be Suspicious

While the will itself might seem valid, it might have been created under circumstances that are suspicious, and that can lead to the will being challenged in court. A common situation is when a caregiver manipulates a senior into making changes to the will so that the caregiver is then given a substantial portion of the inheritance. Your loved one might have been under duress. The will might not have been properly signed, and you may wonder if it's a fake. All of these are issues that you should consider having looked over by a probate lawyer.

Probate Lawyers

After the death of a loved one, the last thing you want to do is focus on their will. Therefore, the best decision you can make is to hire a probate attorney. By doing so, the attorney will be focused on challenging the will in a manner that will be in your own best interest while you can focus on grieving. However, you will want to act quickly because there are shorter time limits regarding a will, and you'll need to hire a probate attorney who can begin immediately.

When contesting the will, you'll need to make sure that what you are contesting is a will and not a trust. You'll need to find out if anyone else is contesting the will or only you. You'll need to know whether you're a beneficiary of the will or if you are representing a beneficiary. You may be concerned about whether you should engage in probate litigation, but a probate attorney can help you make an informed decision

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