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Attempt To Reconcile With Your Spouse Before Seeking A Divorce

If your marriage has turned sour due to your spouse's controlling behavior and negative comments associated with the friendships that you have formed long before you got married, you may wonder how to move forward with your current situation. Try to salvage your marriage first and then seek legal advice if you are unable to work things out with your spouse.

Spend Time Apart And Seek Counseling

Temporarily separating will allow you and your spouse to reflect upon the marriage without constantly being bombarded with comments or questions from the other person. If your spouse is not willing to leave the home that you both share, then perhaps you could rent a short-term apartment or stay at a family member's home for a while.

Before going separate ways, sit down with your spouse to discuss your concerns and the reasoning behind the separation. While separated, you will not need to worry about being criticized or belittled. While alone, take the time to write your thoughts down to assist with figuring out when and how things went wrong for you and your partner and tactics that could improve the state of your marriage.

Contact your spouse periodically to see how they are doing. If they seem to be missing you and are accepting responsibility for their past actions, mention attending a marriage counselor with them so that you both can work on rebuilding your relationship.

Make Long-Term Decisions

If the separation and counseling sessions do not work out and you and your spouse are interested in seeking a divorce, some long-term decisions need to be made concerning the home that you share and personal possessions. Try to speak in a civil manner to your spouse about the terms of your divorce. If your partner is not receptive, you will need a divorce lawyer to assist you with the proceedings.

A divorce attorney will obtain information from you that will support your right to retain specific possessions. This could include payments that you made in the past and recurring bills that you have maintained throughout your marriage.

If the home is paid for and neither you or your spouse is willing to let go of the residence, your attorney may suggest that the home is sold and that the proceeds are split between you and your spouse. Whatever the case may be, your divorce attorney will ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive an outcome that is fair.

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