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3 Different Options For Securing Collateral Bail

If you suddenly find yourself in jail, you are likely looking for any possible option to get yourself out on bail, assuming it is offered to you. While putting up cash is obviously the easiest choice to make bail, some court systems may accept other forms of collateral instead of cash. Here are some ideas on how to post a collateral bail so you can get out of jail and back to your family as soon as possible.

1. Real Estate

If you own your home or another piece of real estate property, you may be able to put the house or building up as collateral, as long as the value of the property fully covers your liability. To do this though, you'll need to make sure there are no liens or other issues with the property. Once this is complete, you can likely get out of jail by providing the grant deed or other appropriate paperwork, to be returned to you when you show up for court.

2. Vehicle

If you own a vehicle and have the title to it, you may be able to offer it up as collateral bail. You should research your car's current resale value first to make sure the amount is enough to cover the bail. Obviously, this will not work if you only have one vehicle, unless you want to be without personal transportation while out on bail. But if you have an extra vehicle in your family, you may be able to turn it and the title over to the court system to get you out of jail until your trial begins.

3. Credit Line

If you have outstanding credit, you may be able to sign a credit card authorization form that will allow the court system to put a temporary charge on your credit lines until the court case is underway or complete. If you do this and the charges will stay on your credit until the court case is seen to completion, be prepared to make a monthly payment on the cards to keep your credit intact until the bail charge is refunded by the court system.

Collateral bail options can vary by city and state. To get an idea of the options available to you, reach out to a local bail bond agency for help with your prison bail. Also, keep in mind that if you don't show up for your court appointment when the time comes, you could end up forfeiting all of your collateral.

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