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Why Deny A Legitimately Suffering Veteran's Claim?

The Veterans Affairs (VA) disability system isn't an easy process to deal with. There are a lot of requirements that your condition must meet in order to earn benefits, and if you're fresh out of the military or haven't worked with the claim system before, you may not know what the VA wants. If you've been denied and can't figure out what to do next, take a look at a few VA claim denial reasons and how you can push your claim to success as soon as possible.

Service-Connection Is The Key To Success

The VA disability system is designed to pay compensation and deliver health support to veterans with military-related injuries. Fraud is a significant concern, as it's easy for any veteran to leave the military and claim that the ongoing conflicts left lasting damage to their mind and/or body, and unfortunately that's not too far from believable in a time of war. The VA needs to filter fraudulent claims for veterans looking for life compensation based on a lie, and it unfortunately means more work for the legitimate veterans.

For a successful claim, you'll need to prove that your injury, disease or other type of condition is service-connected. This means that your paperwork must show how your problem happened, or at least show a history of complaints that happened while you were still in service.

It's understandable that some problems may not become obvious until after you've left the fast-paced military environment and have the chance to notice what you've been forcing yourself through--often to the point of making a bad problem worse. The VA will allow you to claim that a current problem happened in the military if you claim soon enough. There's no set amount of time for keeping your condition believable, but the longer you wait, the easier it will be for the VA to blame your condition on something that happened after the military.

An Attorney Can Help You Fill In The Gaps

You may have forgotten to add a few pages from your medical record, or you may not have medical record injuries for your problem at all. You may have noticed that civilian life simply isn't panning out right, either because of stiffness, constant fatigue, disorientation or simply the feeling that something is wrong. If you couldn't put your finger on the exact problem and were denied, an attorney can help you with your claim.

A personal injury attorney knows what the VA is looking for, and can figure out how to frame your conditions in a way that the VA understands. When thinking about their injuries, some veterans may have only vague ideas about the problem because they don't know exactly what they're feeling. A veteran with headaches may not remember or even notice that dizziness occurs until someone asks, or may not notice connected pain until someone points it out. It takes both a medical professional and someone familiar with legal injury claims to translate the confusion into paperwork.

If you don't know what to put on your appeal or if it feels like the VA isn't understanding your problem right, it could be the language. The headaches mentioned in the previous paragraph may receive months of general pain medication and treatment for migraines, but what if the problem was caused by a pinched nerve or even dental problems that aren't visible? There are many different ways to approach the situation, but be sure to speak with a personal injury attorney to discuss possible success paths and examples of claims that work.

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