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Arrest Warrant From Out-Of-State? What You Need To Know

When a person is arrested due to a warrant being out for their capture, there are a number of difficulties that a person faces. Those challenges become even more difficult when the warrant is from a different state. In these situations, here are a few things that you need to know so that you understand how the process is going to go:

The Charges Won't Disappear; You're Responsible

When you have received a ticket or been charged with a crime in another state, you are still responsible. Neither the ticket nor the charges will disappear simply because you don't live in that state. You can't ignore the charges, as authorities will take the necessary action to try to bring you to justice.

Your Home State Can Arrest You

Even if you've been charged in another state and it is that state that has issued a warrant for your arrest, the state in which you live will arrest you. Regardless of where the warrant is issued, you can be apprehended anywhere within the United States.

Where Does the Trial Occur?

With an arrest warrant, you are going to be going to court. However, it won't be in the state in which you live. Instead, you'll be extradited from your current state to the state that has charged you. This is true whether the state is directly next-door or across the country.

Can You Fight the Extradition?

As a general rule, you will have a chance to have a hearing regarding the extradition process. If provided this opportunity, it is your chance to argue that it is simply inappropriate for you to be transported to another state in order to face the warrant. You do have the option to waive this extradition hearing, but if it is offered to you, it isn't recommended to waive it. Otherwise, you are guaranteeing that you'll be taken back to the charging state without trying to stop it.

When you are facing an out-of-state warrant for your arrest, it can be confusing, irritating and terrifying. However, there are ways you can fight back and make the situation a little bit easier. It's difficult to handle this particular type of situation, but it is not impossible. In order for the best possible outcome, it's in your best interest to consult with an attorney. An experienced criminal lawyer has thorough knowledge of the process of extradition, can help you understand your rights and can help you fight being extradited. 

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