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How To Help Your Loved One Stay Out Of Jail After Release

If your friend or family member is finally coming home from jail, you are probably overjoyed at the idea of having your loved one back home. However, you should understand that there is probably a long road ahead for your newly-released loved one. In fact, according to the findings of a 15-state study that was released by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, more than two-thirds of prisoners who were released were rearrested within a three-year period. To help prevent your friend or family member from becoming just another statistic, follow these tips to help him or her stay out of jail after release.

Address Issues From Before Your Loved One's Incarceration

If your loved one struggled with a drug or alcohol addiction or lived a life of crime before getting arrested, it's important to address these issues now. You shouldn't sweep them under the rug; otherwise, they could become a problem for your loved one all over again. If necessary, encourage your loved one to stay away from old acquaintances and to seek drug or alcohol counseling if necessary. It will be a lot harder for your loved one to stay away from these things now that he or she isn't under supervision in jail or prison.

Look Into Counseling

Some people who are released from prison have a hard time re-acclimating to life in the real world. Others are traumatized from the things that they have seen or experienced while behind bars. If you feel that your loved one needs it, you can look into counseling to help him or her get past these issues.

Make Sure Your Loved One is Clear on Probation or Parole Requirements

If your loved one is on probation or parole, it's important to ensure that he or she follows all of the requirements of this supervision to prevent additional jail time. If necessary, go with him or her to meet with the probation or parole officer, and discuss what will be expected of your loved one in the coming weeks and months.

Offer Support

You can't control what your loved one does, but you can offer support. Let your friend or family member know that you are there for him or her no matter what. It's going to be a hard road, and your loved one is probably going to need all of the support that he or she can get.

It can be tough for incarcerated individuals to stay out of jail or prison after being arrested. Hopefully, following these tips can help you help your loved one to stay free. For more information, contact a company like A Alpha Bail Bonds.

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