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Make Certain You're Wearing The Right Type Of Work Shoes

Working in a role that requires you to stand for long periods or walk frequently places stress on your feet, causing your feet to become fatigued and increasing the risk of an injury. While it's primarily your employer's responsibility to ensure the workplace is safe, it is your responsibility to protect your feet. You can accomplish this task by wearing the appropriate type of shoes to work.

The Right Shoes

When choosing work shoes, the most important thing to consider is your role.


Look for shoes that have shock absorbers installed in the cushion. If you aren't wearing a shoe with ample support, each time your foot comes in contact with the ground, the internal components of your feet can jolt, leading to injury. Shoes with shock absorbers minimize movement, protecting your feet.


Standing for long periods of time places a significant amount of stress on your feet. If your job requires you to stand frequently, you need to look for a shoe that has a thick sole. The extra cushioning serves as a support system and helps keep your feet protected.

Slippery Surfaces

For slippery surfaces, a shoe with a non-slip sole and extra arch support is imperative. Shoes designed in this fashion offer greater traction. The more traction the better your shoe will be able to grip the floor, reducing your risk of falling.

In the Event of an Injury

Wearing the right type of shoes while working isn't just important for your comfort, but in the event of an injury, your shoes could play a critical role in determining who is responsible for the injury. Take an employee who works in a kitchen. Say the employee slipped on the floor and fell, injuring their back. If they weren't wearing shoes that were conditioned for wet surfaces, the employer might not be liable for any injuries.

Having your worker's compensation claim denied because of your failure to wear the right types of shoes can be devastating, particularly when it comes to your finances. Make certain you are protecting yourself. In the event that you have been injured on the job, make it a point to speak with an attorney. An attorney will go over the aspects of your case to help determine the at-fault party and ensure you're protected. If you're not sure who to speak with, try these guys out.

Wearing the appropriate type of shoes at work is very important. Make certain you are reducing the risk of an injury and not jeopardizing your ability to protect yourself in the event of an injury, and choose your shoes wisely.

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